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Top 5 Benefits Of A Home Inspection

It can be hard to identify issues inside and outside of your home, especially if you don’t have experience in knowing where to look. If you’re in the market for a new home, in the market to sell, or simply want a detailed overview of hidden issues in your home, these are a few of the reasons to get a home inspection. Home inspections are ideal for gaining insight into the unexpected and exposing the unknown. Here are the top benefits of a home inspection.

Top Benefits Of A Home Inspection

#1 – Catch Potential Problems

We all know the saying, “wow, your home has so much character!” which is often seen as a compliment; your home feels warm, comfortable, and inviting. However, this can also mean that your home’s “character” contains common hidden issues like wood-rot, insulation, drainage issues, mold, or rundown roofing.

These things are never easy to catch until they’ve gone too far. Instead of letting these problems catch you by surprise and hurt your home foundation, and probably your wallet, a home inspection is a perfect way to stop these problems in their tracks.

#2 – Get an Honest Evaluation

An inspector isn’t going to hide the nitty-gritty details to spare your feelings. At Wall to Wall, our inspectors use an electronic inspection system that provides informative reports that we directly relay over to our clients. These reports will include details, photos, and descriptions so our clients will always know precisely what they’re looking at, without the fluff.

#3 – Uncover Safety Issues

Aside from cosmetic issues, safety issues are a large part of those “hidden unknowns” that could be hiding in your home and one of the more important reasons to get a home inspection. These could include rodent or bug infestations, structural problems, or wiring problems.

These are all important to both a home’s value and integrity when it comes time to sell or buy. Your house must have a solid foundation and safe environment to support anything and anyone who may come your way.

#4 – Radon Testing

A crucial first step to confirming your home’s safety is to have Radon testing done. Radon is a radioactive, colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that occurs naturally as a product of decaying uranium found in the earth’s crust. Radon escapes up through the ground as it turns to gas where it can be safely released into the air, however, structures trapping these gases can cause health problems for the people inside.

Although this is not something you need to be routinely worried about checking, Wall to Wall does recommend having an inspection every two years if your home has a history of Radon.

#5 – Potential Savings for a Homeowner

Discovering issues within your home is never going to be exciting or cheap, however, finding them early on will benefit you in the long run. Letting problems go equates to letting problems grow which often involves complex fixes and hefty investments. Routine home inspections can help catch problems before they get out of control, saving you time and money.

Home inspections help keep your family safe, healthy, and happy. Knowing your home is in good shape and taken care of is better than your foundation failing in 6 months and needing an entirely new roof, or having a plumbing line break. If home inspections are a whole new world to you as a homeowner, don’t fret. We at Wall to Wall make the process quick, easy, and understandable. Reach out to us today if you think you’re ready to dive into your next (or first!) home inspection!

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