Home Inspection Cost

Home Inspections

Single Family Homes

1,000 sq feet or less: $350
1,001-1,250 sq feet: $375 
1,251-1,500 sq feet: $400
1,501-1,750 sq feet: $425
1,751-2,000 sq feet: $450
2,001-2,250 sq feet: $475
2,251-2,500 sq feet: $500

Homes over 2,500 sq ft call/text 414-333-6325 for fees.

Multi-family Homes

Duplex $525
3-family $625
4 family $725
5-point partial $300 (per building)

5 Point Inspection is the roof, foundation walls, water heaters, furnaces, and main power panels only.

Multiple property discounts are available, please call 414-333-6325 for more information.

Condos / Townhomes

2,000 sq ft and less (no basement) $350
2,001 sq ft and greater call/text for cost 414-333-6325

Typically exteriors and basements of the condos are maintained by the association and are excluded from the inspection. If you want the exterior and basement to be inspected, use the single family house pricing.

Other Inspections

Radon Test

$150 with home inspection, $175 without

Multiple property discounts are available, please call 414-333-6325 for more information.

Termite Inspection

$150 with home inspection, $175 without

We can complete a full termite inspection of your home in less than 45 minutes.

Multiple property discounts are available, please call 414-333-6325 for more information.

Payment Options

  • Cash – Cash is always accepted. 
  • Check – Personal, cashiers, or money order checks are all accepted. Please make checks out to Wall to Wall
  • Credit Card – We process all credit cards through PayPal. It is a secure, encrypted process 
    • You can pay with your credit card when you schedule the inspection on our website
    • you can call and pay with credit card over the phone
    • You can pay with credit card at the inspection
    • We can send an invoice through PayPal using your email 

Whatever option you choose you can be assured that your information is secure. All information regarding financial transactions is destroyed after processing unless other arrangements are made. 

All payments must be completed prior to the inspection report being delivered. 

If there are any questions regarding payment, please reach out to Al at 414-333-6325.