Siding Inspections for Milwaukee Homes

Certified Home Inspectors Check Housing Exteriors

Siding on a house adds to the exterior appearance of the house and provides protection from the elements. Weak siding can expose your home to water damage, insect infestation, and animal irritation. An exterior home inspection from Wall to Wall Home Inspections will check over your house’s siding and trim to find potential problems before they grow.

Quality Siding and Trim to Withstand Wisconsin Weather

Siding materials act as your home’s first defense against the weather. It works with your home’s insulation to regulate the temperature of your house through all seasons. For Wisconsin homeowners, this means siding has to withstand cold winters full of snow and ice. Water from melted snow can seep behind the trim and cause water damage within the walls of your home. Enough moisture can lead to mold problems requiring expensive repairs. 

Strong winds from summer storms are another cause for concern amongst Wisconsin homeowners. Loose siding can come off in these conditions, exposing your home to the elements. Every opening in the siding is an invitation to insects and animals to make your home into their own. 

An inspection from Wall to Wall certified home inspectors finds siding deterioration before it grows into a costly problem. The earlier you can get your siding repaired, the better it will be for your home. We recommend our home inspection service (or custom home inspection) for anyone worried about their home’s exterior. 

Inspections for All Types of Siding

Exterior home inspections from Wall to wall cover every part of your home including the roof and gutters. Often, a problem in one area of your home is a sign of additional issues. Our inspection (custom or usual) identifies the conditions of all types of siding materials. Not sure what siding your home has? A few potential options are: 

  • Vinyl siding
  • Wood siding
  • Metal siding
  • Brick siding
  • Composite siding


Each of these materials offers its own benefits to homeowners. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as maintenance-free siding. Accidents, neglect, and weather can all cause siding to fail over time. Our certified home inspectors are experienced with each type and know their respective weaknesses.

Asbestos Insulation in Older Homes

If you own an older home, you might have asbestos siding. As long as the siding isn’t damaged there shouldn’t be an issue from the asbestos. However, you will definitely want to know if there are any problems so you can consider encapsulation or replacement. 

Common Siding and Trim Damage in Wisconsin

During our many home inspections, we tend to notice the same problems on exterior siding. Impact damage, weathering, and animal infiltration are among the most common issues we see. 

  • Impact damage can be caused by accidents with lawn care equipment, sports, or pressure washing. Fortunately, dents, chips, and cracks are easy to spot. The extent of the damage will depend on the force of the impact. 
  • Wisconsin weather causes the most damage to siding. Hail can cause dents all over your siding and severe storms can hurl debris into your home and scratch up your siding. Sunlight will lead to fading or delamination and rain/snow can rot unprotected wood. 
  • Animals are always looking for a way into homes. Extreme temperatures that we experience in Wisconsin often drive them to desperation. From insects to birds, critters will exploit any weakness in your siding to get inside. 


Finally, poor construction can leave your home in danger, poor workmanship may leave gaps between siding panels, or siding might fall off because it’s not properly secured. Our inspectors check for every possible defect when reviewing your siding. If there is any cause for concern, you’ll know about it.

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