Investor Inspections

Home Inspections for Investors

In addition to our standard full home inspection services, Wall to Wall Home Inspection Services LLC also offers investor inspections.
This type of inspection is geared around investors looking to by multiple properties at one time and just want the most expensive items looked at. This partial (5 Point) Inspection is $300.00 per building (5 Point Inspection is the roof, foundation walls, water heaters, furnaces, and main power panels only). This inspection can also be customize to any combination of items. The fee would be adjusted based on the number of items and the amount of properties inspected. If you don’t need the complete inspection, the investor 5-point inspection may be for you. It is a more stripped-down home inspection, focusing on major items within the home. The 5-point inspection covers foundation, roof, furnace, water heater, and the main power panel. If you have intentions of re-doing everything in the house and just want to know if the main items are okay, this is for you.
The fee for these type of inspections is fee $300.00. The pricing can be adjusted if you have multiple properties, or change the items that need this type of inspection. To schedule yours, contact Wall to Wall Home Inspection Services today! Founded in 2001, we serve Milwaukee and the surrounding areas of Wisconsin.