Custom Home Inspections

Get Hassle-Free Custom Home Inspections in Milwaukee, WI

There are times when a client may not what an entire inspection, and this may be for many different reasons.

At Wall to Wall, we can provide a wide range of custom home inspection options so you can tailor the report to exactly what you want.

You may be a Buyer, Seller, and/or Investor that does not need the entire house inspected because you’re going to remodel the house. You just want to know if the roof is good, the age of the furnace and water heater and are they in good working condition, if the power panel is updated and wired correctly, etc. We can do that!

As we said, there are many different reason people do not need a full inspection, and it does not matter if it is one item or ten items, we can customize the home inspection to fit your exact needs.

If you would like to know more information and/or the fees for your custom home inspection, contact Wall to Wall Home Inspection Services at 414-333-6325, or click Schedule Instantly, to start your custom home inspection today.

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